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School Uniform

Uniform Guidelines 

  • school shirt, either polo or blouse, these can be bought from the student office 
  • plain black pants, skirt or shorts 
  • black jeans are appropriate
  • plain black jumper
  • no rips or tears are allowed, no logos, no identifying stripes eg. Adidas

View our CHC Uniform Pricelist.

As we encourage community access and participation out of the school premises, students need to be professionally dressed at all stages. This means clothing with rips, tears or exposed stomachs are not appropriate.

We have Cooks Hill Campus uniforms for sale in the student office. A plain black sweatshirt with or without a hood  is acceptable to wear with your school shirt.  We also have a small selection of second hand items available for purchase.

As a proud innovative education space we have large volumes of visitors. Our students are regularly required to demonstrate their learning and pride in our design. Our inner city location enables us to access the community regularly, and we need to be able to identify our students quickly to ensure their safety both in the community and within school grounds.

Current expectations of our employers are that students look professional. We want students to gain maximum benefits from LTI, community access and excursions. As a school that actively promotes out-learning we need to be seen as professional in the eyes of potential employers and mentors.

Please feel free to telephone us on 4929 1663 if you have any further questions or any issues with the school uniform.