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One of the most important aspects of the Big Picture Education (BPE) design is the exhibition.

Exhibitions form the culmination of the work produced by a student over the term in an authentic and powerful assessment of learning. A detailed gateway exhibition is completed by students at the end of Year 10, demonstrating their growth as a learner throughout their time at Cooks Hill Campus.

Each exhibition represents the learning the student has undertaken over the term and provides them with an opportunity to publicly show their achievements, discuss their journey as a learner, understand their learning, identify the roadblocks and celebrate the successes.

Students can invite a number of people to their exhibitions and present evidence and artefacts of their learning through their learning plan and portfolio collection of their work. Here they show how they have pursued a deep and rigorous personal interest project, contributed to their LTI (learning through internship) placement and highlight their growth over time.

Exhibitions develop over time and are expected to be one hour in length. Everyone has a contribution to make to the exhibition either by way of questions, or feedback to the student. Students are given warm and cool feedback providing opportunities to further develop and grow.

Exhibitions have in many cases, exceeded our expectations of student achievement!

Students seeking the graduation portfolio entry into University, need to complete detailed exhibitions as this is one of the key components of gaining University entry in a personally selected field.